About Intent of Business

Traditional precepts of economic and business practice rest upon a very limited

view of both humankind and nature. People are cast as the most intelligent

animal, destined to seek pleasure and avoid pain, with the life-defining aim of

maximizing their material self-interest. While this world view has afforded

tremendous wealth accumulation, it has led to a reality of exploitation wherein

care and concern for human development and nature are essentially non-existent

– an unsustainable reality.

This book explains that it need not be this way. A more developed understanding

shows people are intelligent, self-aware, responsible, creative, self-initiating and

meaning-seeking beings. It is argued that this must inform economics and

business practice. To this end, Gregory Gull synthesizes insights from varied

disciplines, such as physics, mythology, psychology, philosophy, statistics, and

systems theory, in order to re-think the very intent of business and its corresponding

organizing and management principles. With this, our future will be sustainable

and experiences meaningful.

To purchase see either of the following links:

Palgrave Macmillan Publisher

Barnes and Noble


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