Replace Performance Reviews with Leadership for Quality

A recent issue of Knowledge@Wharton indicates, that while 91% of companies worldwide have performance appraisals only 35% to 40% do performance reviews well.  The question remains, what does doing them well mean?  What are the criteria for the performance of performance reviews?  Can performance reviews (as we’ve come to know and love them) really be done well?  Should they be done at all?  If not what should be put in their place? Continue reading

Hidden Lessons in Leadership #24

What does Mark Fuller, CEO of WET Design, do to foster a collaborative and creative culture?  Given that people are far more creative when they actually share ideas with each other, Mark focuses on developing skillful listening.   Quite creatively Mark uses improvisation classes as a means to this end.  Why? Continue reading

Hidden Lessons in Leadership #23

With technology begetting more technology, innovation appears to be increasing at an increasing rate.   Consequently in many industries, if a business is not cutting edge, it may not be too long before it fails to make the cut.  Accordingly business managers/leaders have a corresponding need to foster creativity within the organization toward realizing more innovation of product and service just to sustain a favorable image and position in the market—current and future.  Doing so is not so much a skill or technique as it is an attitude or mindset about people that is evident in the leadership one exhibits. Continue reading

Hidden Lessons in Leadership #22

Interviews with CEOs, Romil Bahl (PRGX) and Irwin Simon (HAIN Celestial Group), bring to light the importance of people and their ideas to an organization’s success; and consequently why creating a culture that fosters the unfolding of people’s potential is central to the viability of the enterprise.  Two quite business organizations operating in quite different industries striving to essentially create the same kind of culture, one wherein people and ideas flourish. Continue reading

The Nature of Management

As Marjorie Kaplan, President of the Animal Planet and Science networks, noted in a recent interview, “it’s easy to be somebody’s friend. It’s harder to be their manager.”  While both are relationships they are different relationships.  What is the difference?  Likely it rests on the purpose or objective of why you are in the relationship. Continue reading

Insights from the Impoverished

In a recent HuffingtonPost article David Chura brings to light the affect that poverty, despair and hopelessness have on people, especially during the formative years.  When individuals grow up in an environment within which such dark currents flow, they feel trapped and, as David Chura relates, a way out is likely imperceptible. Continue reading

Hidden Lessons in Leadership #21

An interview with Gregory B. Maffei, president and chief executive of Liberty Media , revealed an essential capability for leaders interested in enhancing their organization’s adaptability and in turn improving its viability.  In a word such leaders need to be facilitators.  That is to say leaders must facilitate learning by encouraging critical and creative thinking among the people in the organization. Continue reading

Imagine Better Years

In the coming year and beyond why don’t we simply continue our holiday way-of-relating to each other? Greeting each other with a holiday smile and parting with a heartfelt wish of love and joy?  Are we are not capable of sustaining such goodwill toward each other in both words and actions?


Yes I know that it’s not reality, but I also know that it very well can be, if we choose.  All we have to do is act as if it were so.  Just imagine how wonderful life would be in the coming year and beyond!