Beyond The Bottom Line

Until business becomes the means for people to actualize their potential as human beings and not just the means for the wealthy to accumulate more wealth, there will forever be a downward push against labor.  The notion that if we can get people to work for less then we can be far more profitable seems to be the guiding principle. Continue reading

Corporate Overlords

The testimony of the CEOs from America’s five leading oil companies before congress revealed their belief that the unit of survival is (solely) their organization.  That is, the center of the universe is (literally) their corporation and industry and correspondingly that their importance both personally and corporately must not be questioned—they stand above it all. Continue reading

Making Quality in America

In his New York Times column, Paul Krugman, spoke of a hint of the return of American manufacturing.  In this column Mr. Krugman mentioned that Michigan which had an unemployment rate of 14.1% in August 2009 is now experiencing the improved rate of 10.3%, and as Krugman noted “still above the national average, but nonetheless a huge improvement.”  Continue reading

Is This the Way We Want to Roll?

Like all other animals we are equipped with the capacity for sight smell taste touch and hearing as ways of sensing the immediate environment.  So as long as danger and opportunity are within arms’ reach, earshot, in line of sight or so close we could taste them we can react to them quite well. Continue reading

To Create Jobs Pursue Quality

Why should society care about the success of business corporations?  You might say because society’s wellbeing is dependent upon its’ corporations’ success.  Logically then the question is, success in doing what?  Well given the importance Wall Street places on quarterly profit, maximizing profit obviously defines success in society. For many it is clearly the means and measure of life.  Seemingly the pursuit of one’s material self-interest is what business and American society is all about. Continue reading

Insights from the Impoverished

In a recent HuffingtonPost article David Chura brings to light the affect that poverty, despair and hopelessness have on people, especially during the formative years.  When individuals grow up in an environment within which such dark currents flow, they feel trapped and, as David Chura relates, a way out is likely imperceptible. Continue reading

Turn Off Auto Pilot

Seemingly many never change their mind.  These are individuals who work very hard to keep the future from replacing the past.  Life’s lessons are nowhere to be found in their actions.  To them what was must always be, since for them determinism and not learning anew is essential to (their) life.  Ironically, although these people strive to control everything it is their mind that is in control of them—and they don’t even know it. Continue reading

Measuring Up

Our attachment to—even obsession with—our measures (i.e. results) has led to a disregard for the essence of life itself.  So many of us actually order life according to the things out-there and expunge from human experience what lies within. The vital essence of everyone’s life is essentially disregarded when measures are given such unbridled importance. Continue reading