Ph.D.: Organizational Studies

The Union Institute & University

Cincinnati, Ohio

Dissertation: Evolutionary Management and the Viable Organization

Doctoral Studies: Business Administration & Applied Statistics

Temple University

Graduate School of Business

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

M.A.: Statistics

Pennsylvania State University

University Park, Pennsylvania

B.S.: Mathematics/Education

West Chester University

West Chester, Pennsylvania


Dr. Deming’s Seminar for Statisticians

New York University

New York, New York

Dr. Deming’s Advanced Seminar for Organizational Transformation/Implementation

San Diego, CA

Dr. Deming’s Methods for Management of Productivity and Quality

(participant in 6 separate seminars over a 2 year period)

The George Washington University School of Engineering & Applied Science

Washington, D.C.

Columbia University

Marketing Management Executive Program

Market Research Executive Program

Graduate School of Business

New York, New York