GregGull102509aThroughout my life I have always been most interested in learning, not as an academic exercise, but for its usefulness in finding better ways to be in the world.  Thus, much of my learning has been stimulated by a critical examination of the way things are and an unceasing desire for improvement.

I have always been aware of the contradiction most present as they talk of caring for others—mostly on Sunday and in corporate values statements—but act in a manner reflective of a total disregard for another’s humanity on Monday through Friday. Clearly many assume there are different rules for the conduct of business than for the conduct of life.

Ever since I began working at the age of 14 I wondered why management felt the need to mistreat people.  Unfortunately what I had experienced at 14 has been evident throughout my working experiences.  In my late teens I remember overhearing a discussion between businessmen (yes it was men only then) where the essence of their exchange was “if we can find people who will work for nothing then we could make a lot of money.”  Obviously, in spite of all our material growth, we haven’t progressed much.

If we are human—which I believe we are—then we ought not be otherwise in any aspect of our life.  What could be more important than being fully human?  Accordingly, my vision is that all institutions will be enabling to the individual; enriching people’s lives for the betterment of all.

To this end, I draw from both formal study and more than 25 years of experience in business and industry in positions ranging from research and development to advertising, quality and leadership consultant and 10 years of university teaching.  My diverse experience affords a unique integrative perspective on strategic organizational design, quality and leadership for the purpose of helping people and their organizations sustain viability and contribute to progress.


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