A Reflection on Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street is bringing to most everyone’s attention that we, the 99%, are not mere cogs in the economic machinery and those in the executive suite are not our overlords.  I applaud the courage and commitment of those standing up for the rights of citizens.

However as long as our society practices capitalistic democracy, the overlords of industry will have us be governed according to their self-serving interests—overly influencing the democratic process from elections to directing both policy and law/regulation—whereby the common and collective voice and interests of the citizenry matters not.  So the demand for change must go to the root of the problem.

So what is the solution? As explained in It’s the Econome, Stupid, the engine of self-interest driving business and economic activity is destined to destroy the very system it created and depends on—it is a system that is nothing but suicidal! You see, the pursuit of unlimited growth and wealth accumulation is not a self-regulating process, but rather self-reinforcing toward self- destruction.

A little greed manifests as unfairness and a lot of greed as fraud—neither are acceptable in the governance of society.  So the demand for change must go to the root of the problem. We must change the system, not merely seek to regulate greed. 

3 thoughts on “A Reflection on Occupy Wall Street

  1. Interesting! If democracy got in the way of capitalist economics, which would have to give ground? Which is another way of asking, which is the more powerful?
    As ever in these situations, before change can happen, those that hold the power have to have a compelling reason to change. Telling them that a lot of folk who don’t hold power are suffering will not cut it. Arguments about right and wrong are disregarded.
    No, if you want change, you have to create the compelling reason yourself. But beware: it’s a dangerous business.

  2. We mustn’t confuse the system of government with a system of economics. In a democracy it is of, for and by the people. Capitalism should not be used a governance system. However if one chooses to confuse the two then governance by economics, such as in an egoistic capitalistic state, then those with the most wealth have the power and subjugate those without wealth in service to them.

  3. The common and collective voice and interests of the citizenry that has mattered little is beginning to unite to make itself heard. I also applaud the efforts of those standing up for the rights of the 99% in the Occupy Wall Street Movement. What is also apparent is that the movement is thinking outside the box. An absence of leaders, an absence of demands. Incomprehensible to the solely linear thinkers who would like to dismiss it. The protestors approach and the movements expansion, in and by themselves, represent the first real changes to “the system”.

    “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

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