What If

Jonathan Askin, Professor at Brooklyn Law, characterizes the people of Occupy Wall Street as a 21st Century reincarnation of the What If Generation of the 1960’s Vietnam Protesters.  As Askin noted, instead of asking, “what if there was a war and nobody came” today’s protesters are asking such questions as “what if we had bailed out the homeowners.” Continue reading

The Gravity of Vision

The Gravity of Vision

In our universe what keeps things together? In a general sense what brings chaos to order?  Gravity. For without it every person and thing would be cast into space, floating aimlessly, making for quite a chaotic existence. If not for gravity then nothing would be at rest on earth.  Moreover this invisible force of attraction provides a general order to the movement of planets in our universe—making it one (whole) system. Continue reading

Rethink or Reload

In his OP-ED column in the New York Times, Thomas Friedman briefly summarizes two books, “The Great Disruption” by Paul Gilding and “The Power of Pull” by John Hagel III, John Seely Brown & Lang Davison that each speak to the many social protests (a.k.a. The Great Disruption) we are seeing throughout the world—Occupy Wall Street is among these.   Continue reading

The Indignation of the Immune

In a recent article by Paul Krugman spoke to the whining from the elite in Wall Street who believe that the good that they have done for society is not understood, claiming that “finance is the only thing America does well.”


Not only is it telling of where we are as a society that there is immunity for those who perpetrated this situation—injustice persists—it is even more telling that there is immunity to change among our elected officials.  Yes the very same people who were elected to serve the collective ‘we’ of society.  Moreover, with those actively participating in Occupy Wall Street being characterized as a bunch (or is it a mob) of miscreants and malcontents deserving of disparaging remarks, by even the news journalists, is telling of a sad state of affairs. Continue reading

Reformer Education

A recent Huffington Post article describes the agreement and disagreement between Arne Duncan (Secretary of Education) and Dennis Van Roekel (President of National Teachers Association) over the preparation and evaluation of teachers respectively.  Sadly what is not being discussed—as can be inferred from the article—is the very process of learning. Continue reading

Reflection #2 on Occupy Wall Street

For the most part we as a society seem to agree religion and the governance of society should not be intertwined.  That is, in theory, government of the people should be by and for the people (democracy) and not by anyone claiming he/she has the right to rule because of the power given to him/her by God (theocracy). Continue reading

A Reflection on Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street is bringing to most everyone’s attention that we, the 99%, are not mere cogs in the economic machinery and those in the executive suite are not our overlords.  I applaud the courage and commitment of those standing up for the rights of citizens. Continue reading