Essence of Leadership

What is the nature of the leadership theories that have been developed by business-minded academics that have advanced the body of knowledge and informed leader preparation and practice?  It appears that to a great extent the theories have been attempts to not just offer descriptive but also prescriptive knowledge of leading and leadership. Continue reading

Hidden Lessons in Leadership #27

In a New York Times interview Jack Dangermond, founder and president of Esri, explained his role as CEO is one of support.  More specifically, to “support getting work…support doing work…ensuring the work is financially sound (i.e. support getting paid) and he approaches these guided by four priorities.  The first two of these priorities rests with people—in the form of customers and employees.  Jack’s third priority is to ensure “a very strong business that supports the first two priorities”, and the forth priority is to work seriously with business partners, of which there are about 20,000 worldwide.  Continue reading

Bottom-Line on CEO Compensation

In the business world results matter, especially the results that matters most to (that is benefits) ‘me’!  And there are few in a better position to be self-serving than a CEO of a large corporation.  In regards to top executive compensation life has been and continues to be good, and more importantly it looks as though this will not change in the future. Continue reading

Privatize Society

Just how valid is the idea that privatization of society’s services to its citizens ensures the highest quality of service to people in society?  Let’s critically analyze by understanding the precepts of the private economic enterprise.  Continue reading