Beyond The Bottom Line

Until business becomes the means for people to actualize their potential as human beings and not just the means for the wealthy to accumulate more wealth, there will forever be a downward push against labor.  The notion that if we can get people to work for less then we can be far more profitable seems to be the guiding principle.  Robert Reich asserted “Corporations are simultaneously finding ways to cut the pay of their remaining U.S. workers — not just threatening job losses if they don’t agree to the cuts, but also automating the work or sending it to non-union states.”  With this push the business-minded are not only committing a parasitic act on society they are committing suicide.

The greatest source of energy for business is (healthy) human energy. Consequently, until the business-minded change their mind about the business of business, until they understand that the viability of the business rests upon the wellbeing of people, the human cost of doing business will forever exceed their bottom line.  Society won’t be able to overcome their unenlightened actions and there can be no human progress.

Economic activity is not free and independent of everything, especially not society.  Thus, at base, the conduct of business must be socially responsible. The concern for growth in profit alone is not enough! The living can’t continue to pollute its environment and remain viable.

4 thoughts on “Beyond The Bottom Line

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