Turn Off Auto Pilot

Seemingly many never change their mind.  These are individuals who work very hard to keep the future from replacing the past.  Life’s lessons are nowhere to be found in their actions.  To them what was must always be, since for them determinism and not learning anew is essential to (their) life.  Ironically, although these people strive to control everything it is their mind that is in control of them—and they don’t even know it.

Explaining by illustration, if we ask business-minded people what is the business of business their answer would be to maximize (their) profit?  Yes quite automatically maximizing material self-interest springs forth.  Why?  It’s not that each person has come to the same conclusion after reflecting and thinking about it.  Reflective and critical thinking were not involved at all!  It was the mind securely attached to the maximizing material self-interest belief that offered the auto-response.  Moreover it is unlikely that the mind’s belief in material self-interest was the result of previous critical thinking, just as it was unlikely that those believing for so long that the world is flat came to this conclusion by thinking critically about it.  In both cases the story told was swallowed whole without thinking.

Leading versus Being Led

The unexamined mind holds many such misguided beliefs that brings forth answers and directs behavior.  The good news is that the mind is equipped with habits of thought—paradigms—that will guide behavior.  The bad news is that the mind so equipped—and destined to repeat the patterns of the past—is one of the greatest impediments to self-development and our collective progress.   If leadership is about envisioning and creating a future different and better than the past, then those absent of the will and ability to think critically—to be consciously aware of and challenge the contents mind—are clearly the wrong individuals for this role.

Once a person is willing and able to think critically then that person realizes that he/she is not their thoughts.  Because their identity is not inextricably connected to the contents of mind—thoughts and beliefs—they are willing and able to suspend and challenge all notions in mind except the one unquestionable fact that we each exist—more accurately co-exist—as human beings.  Thus being consciously aware of a shared humanness with all people, the relationships they are able to develop are based on deeper levels of connectedness and are thus reflective of care and compassion. Having no divisive pretense they inspire goodness in others.  Consequently their vision of a better future resonates with far greater numbers of people.

If a person seeks to be a great leader then he/she must turn off autopilot and take control of his/her mind.   Otherwise the one leading is in point of fact the one being led by a self-absorbed mind.

6 thoughts on “Turn Off Auto Pilot

  1. Hi Greg,

    Wonderful post. I really enjoy your writing.

    Here is where I differ in thinking:

    You say “take control” of your mind, which suggests take control of your thoughts. But you cannot control thoughts.


    Could you stop that thought from entering your mind? No, you cannot stop it, the thought enters, and now you can only MANAGE it. Thoughtware helps manage your thoughts better by taking you through a new process of learning. It breaks paradigms and habits, but at the same time using our habits about learning to form new habits.

    You can only “control” things. That is a basic command within The Thought Management Program (TM). So you can control your car. Your laptop. Your money. But not your thoughts.

    As I said yesterday, it all starts in the mind. And The Minds Program is the first thoughtware program introduced at a Key to a Better Life orientation.

    (By the way, the intellectual property called thoughtware is owned by Command Thoughtware, Inc. )

    I believe there are two minds, the natural mind and the spiritual mind. We are born with only a natural mind. But once we realize the spiritual mind (which includes the natural mind). it is an awakening. And when you can identify what mind someone else is operating in, it allows you to see a spectrum of perceptions and deal with the situation accordingly.

    Greg, we have a “new” relationship, but I know you are way ahead of most in your ideas about how to change people’s lives for the better.

    I will call you whenever I feel like it without thought to my paradigms about relationships. The Relationship Dynamics Program is another fundamental thoughtware program, and it teaches that there are different levels of relationships, intimate, private, and public, and that each depends on the content of communication and the person with whom you are communicating.

    Even though it may appear we have a certain type of relationship because it is “new”, with regards to your thoughts about changing education, for example, we have a private relationship.

    Your Co-Worker,


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