Imagine Better Years

In the coming year and beyond why don’t we simply continue our holiday way-of-relating to each other? Greeting each other with a holiday smile and parting with a heartfelt wish of love and joy?  Are we are not capable of sustaining such goodwill toward each other in both words and actions?


Yes I know that it’s not reality, but I also know that it very well can be, if we choose.  All we have to do is act as if it were so.  Just imagine how wonderful life would be in the coming year and beyond!


Fiddling as Rome Burns

Why are we always solving the same issue yet calling it something else?  Answer: A systemic problem manifests as different symptoms, yet we focus only on the symptoms and never the system of causes.  We do this because in general: we react to the symptom-of-the-moment; we are lead by fear not understanding; and we don’t suspend, detach from and challenge our thoughts in order to understand the patterns of symptoms.  In short, we don’t think critically, systemically and statistically. Continue reading

The Accountability Problem

To a considerable degree many have denied or ignored the fact that the realm of the invisible underlies the visibly observable and measurable world. As a consequence there is an inordinate amount of importance placed on tangible results. So much so that many use results to get people to provide more results. Accountability is what it is all about.  It changes relationships between the leader and the led and between the worker and the work. Continue reading

On Economics and Education

In a recent article, JD Hoye (President, National Academy Foundation) stated:

It’s been said before but I’ll say it again. To rebuild this economy, we need workers who have the skills needed to be productive and innovative to lead us back to prosperity. But far too many young people drop out of school before even getting the chance to work. We need a strong education system to build a strong workforce. And it can’t be done alone.”

This statement implies that a major reason our economy is weak is because we haven’t workers with the needed skills.  Let’s take a step back to look at how we created the economic and educational situations we are in. Continue reading

Growing Out of Capability

As a business enterprise grows the more people it employs and correspondingly it comprises greater diversity in skill and knowledge. In short, the enterprise becomes more complex.  Unfortunately all too often as it grows a shift in the businesses’ purpose-in-practice occurs, especially if it becomes a publically traded business.  Yes of course Wall Street adds its requirements! The resultant organization will be quite different from the entrepreneurial enterprise from which it grew. Continue reading