A Wish

Looking into the clear star-lit Christmas Eve sky feelings of both amazement and wonderment of our very existence and way of being emerged.  So here we are between the infiniteness of the universe above and the finiteness of the earth below.  I can’t help but think that we humans reflect both.

During the holiday season most offer wishes of happiness and joy to both loved ones and strangers alike.  I believe this wish is a heartfelt wish.  But then, reality grabs us: Once the season passes, we go back to the work-a-day dog-eat-dog competitive ego-centered way-of-being.   Why do we do this?  I suspect the system requires us to be this way; just like the context of the holiday season allows us to be wishful of joy to one and all.

Why don’t we simply continue our heartfelt way-of-relating? After all it is not that we are not capable.  Some reacting to this question might say stop dreaming, that’s not reality!  However, I suspect most will wish it could be so.  I believe all you have to do is cease wishing and begin being responsible for the reality we create.  Let’s get real and be the difference we wish for.  Just think how wonderful life would be.

2 thoughts on “A Wish

  1. Dear Gregory

    Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year

    I greatly enjoy your thoughtful blog and the comments left by your readers.

    To me, your blog “raises the bar” several notches and that is what needs to happen if we are to progress.

    To me, the world we live is simple and yet complex, and yet naïve and yet sophisticated.

    I believe for the world to function well we need to apply the control levers and switches we have at our collective disposal with greater sensitivity, insight and understanding. To me this applies both on the global geo political level, and at the level of our offices and factories and even in our homes.

    Perhaps even more fundamentally collectively we need to address and decide the direction we want to go in. as well as the type transport, we use.

    The world as you state is finite place, but with in it are infinite possibilities and opportunities.

    Best Wishes to you and all who comment and read your blog.


    • John I couldn’t agree more that greater sensitivity, insight and understanding are needed, if we are to experience a better future.


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